Review of Author and Public Speaker Kathy Gruver

Kathy Gruver is an award-winning author, health practiononer, PhD, TEDx speaker, host of the national TV series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, and self-identified triple Capricorn – which means she’s very on time. And very type A. She has written 7 books, earned 12 awards, presented on 4 continents, and has even helped develop a stress reduction program for the US military.

Somehow during all of this, she also found the time to try her hand at a multitude of different professions including: production manager, pizza maker, housekeeper massage therapist, hypnotherapist, and trapeze artist. The latter of which she cites as a great and constant reminder to stay present in the here and now. It’s her willingness to try anything and give it her all that has provided her such a unique perspective from which to speak.

Kathy has taken the practical knowledge she’s learned from her real-world experiences, coupled them with her formal education at the Benson-Henry Institute at Harvard, and synthesized them into an engaging and motivating series of presentations aimed at transforming your workplace in order to outperform the competition. Some of the topics she speaks on include: enhancing communication, creating true leadership with practical presence, decreasing stress, and building a powerful team.

When summarizing her style, Kathy cleverly states she has, “a west coast mentality and an east coast delivery” designed to help directly and clearly educate organizations on the best practices to decrease their stress and shift to a positive mindset for a better bottom line and happier work culture.

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