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Entrepreneur and author of the #1 Bestseller Raising an Executive: Igniting Your Son’s Inner Executive To Outperform His Peers and Continue Your Legacy.

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At age 13, True’s father Ken Tamplin was offered to be the lead singer for Journey. Despite desperately needing the money, the 5-year touring contract was too great a sacrifice. He turned the offer down, and now True has checked every box an executive would want for his son: giving his grad speech, covering The Daily Pilot, garnering a full-ride to his school of choice, maintaining Suma Cum Laude 4.0 GPA, marrying the girl of his dreams, running a successful Analytics and Online Marketing company, and writing an Amazon #1 Bestseller, all by the age of 22.

True is utterly convinced that none of his early successes would have come had his father accepted the Journey contract.

Now True’s story has become his plea to fight for executives to spend more time with their sons. True has gone on to become a CEO coach and has created the Raising An Executive mentorship program for their sons to one day outdo their fathers.

The Raising An Executive Book

Raising An Executive is the ultimate kick-in-the-pants for prominent businessmen, politicians, and even pastors who should be spending more time with their sons. Whether you like it or not, your son is the strongest testimony to who you are.

With some guidance (and a willingness to sacrifice), you can become a father that unleashes your son’s potential so he can carry on your legacy. In whatever stage you are in, it’s not too late to raise up an executive.

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The Raising An Executive Program

The Raising An Executive Mentorship program is a 30-day, all-inclusive business and personal development program.

6 driven men (late high school to early 20s only) will be selected to spend 30 days getting hands-on experience with every aspect of business imaginable.

The program will cover other aspects of becoming an executive such as learning how to play golf, mastering good manners, networking like a politician, public speaking, creating the ultimate business plan, marketing oneself with the right business card and personal website, managing financials, and solving problems like an entrepreneur.

To apply for the summer of 2019, email with “Raising An Executive Mentorship Program 2019” in the subject line.

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Buy my coffee (and cover airfare if it’s out of state) and let’s meet up. This is perfect for those looking for a little extra direction for their son. Careful, if you’re an executive you may get recruited to be a mentor for my Raising An Executive mentorship program.

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