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Former Actor, Athlete and #1 Bestseller

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True Tamplin is a Top-Rated Business Keynote Speaker in Los Angeles, CA. Former Actor, Athlete, and #1 Bestselling Author. Hire True For a Monumental Event.

The Best Conference Speaker For 3 Reasons

Public speakers need to meet 3 primary criteria: the confidence and ability to speak, a rapport and relatability with the audience, and a unique perspective on life that causes the audience to see the world differently. Take 30 seconds to watch True win the audience with his way with words and intense confidence. His unique angle and rapport with his viewers are intertwined – his bestselling book Raising An Executive became a #1 Bestseller in every category it was put in because True bridges the gap between fathers and their sons. He has the unique ability to speak into the lives of executives and other businesspersons while, written from the perspective of a 22-year old, maintaining an unprecedented ability to get into the hearts and minds of the children of those executives. If you’re looking for a dynamite conference speaker at your next event, contact

Speaker For Conferences – End Your Search

Tamplin has spoken at numerous conferences and events. He’s perfect for all topics relating to technology (online marketing, crypto, analytics, tech, etc.), self-help, and motivation. Whether it’s sitting on a panel or giving the keynote speech, True is a speaker that no one will forget.

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