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Former Actor, Athlete and #1 Bestseller

Corporate Speaker LA – What Makes True So Good?

True Tamplin is a Top-Rated Corporate Keynote Speaker in Los Angeles, CA. Former Actor, Athlete, and #1 Bestselling Author. Hire True For a Monumental Event.

1. Best Corporate Speaker For Deeply Personal and Lasting Impact

When looking for a corporate speaker in Los Angeles, you need someone who can balance teaching and having an emotional impact. When Tamplin was 13 years old, his father got offered to be Journey’s lead singer. After weighing the money and fame against the sacrifice of being on tour and away from his family for 5 years, his father turned the offer down. True went on to accomplish some incredible feats at a very young age, and shares his story to convince executives to have success in the workplace as well as in the home.

2. A Corporate Speaker With A Unique Angle

True’s unique angle is that he is mature enough to speak into the lives of those listening while being young enough to have total first-hand knowledge of the struggles and realities of the audience’s children. He was born in 1995, putting him right on the cusp of the screen generation and the Los Angeles workforce. For a perspective that only True can offer, contact

3. Most Intense and Engaging Corporate Speaker

While managing a corporate adventure game company known as “ClueHoo,” Tamplin learned how boring corporate events can be. It’s for that reason, he is committed to being the most energetic and compelling corporate speaker you’ve ever hired. Over the several years he ran that company, True mastered the science of engaging a crowd like never before.

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