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Get a guest speaker who will win the audience and take things to the next level. True Tamplin is an actor, athlete, and #1 Bestselling Author.

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True Tamplin is an actor, athlete, award-winning public speaker, and #1 Bestselling Author from Los Angeles, CA. When he was just 13 years old, his father Ken got offered to become lead singer for the band Journey. Despite desperately desiring the money and fame, his father turned down the offer because of the 5-year touring contract. As a result, True grew up with a father figure and had some incredible early successes – covering the newspaper, gaining a full ride soccer scholarship, giving his grad speech, maintaining a Suma Cum Laude 4.0 GPA, running several successful businesses, and writing an Amazon #1 bestselling book in every category it was put in, all by the age of 22. His story and unique angle is true-ly (pun intended) what makes him one of the greatest guest speakers.

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