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Get a keynote speaker who will win the audience and take things to the next level. True Tamplin is an actor, athlete, and #1 Bestselling Author. Book True now!

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Top Keynote Speakers Are Hard To Find

Finding the perfect keynote speaker for your Los Angeles event can be difficult. True Tamplin is an internationally recognized public speaker and #1 bestselling author because of his unique ability to teach (often) complex material, put it in layman’s terms, while keeping the audience hanging on his every word. His down-to-earth persona mixed with his mensa-member brain and heart-wrenching stories leave every person in the room with new material learned and unparalleled inspiration.

Are There Key Note Speakers in LA Like True? His Unique Story

When True was 13 years of age, his father was offered a 5-year touring contract as the lead singer of Journey. Despite needing the money, he turned the offer down since the 5-year absence was too great of a sacrifice. As a result, True had some incredible successes early in life: giving his grad speech, covering the local newspapers, holding a 4.0 GPA, creating several successful companies, and becoming a #1 bestseller in 3 categories all by the age of 22. True is convinced that these early successes would not have happened had his father taken the Journey offer. His story has become his plea for parents to not sacrifice their children at the altar of their career.

Those Wanting Keynote Speakers For Hire

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for hire, look no further. Despite his youth, True has had extensive experience giving talks on many topics ranging from tech (digital marketing, Bitcoin, innovation, analytics, etc.), principles of business (especially how to generate sales and entrepreneurship), and self-help/motivation. To hire True Tamplin as your next keynote speaker, contact his assistant at

Other Great Keynote Speakers Revere Tamplin

True is a part of dozens of public speaker organizations and associations. As a result of his public speaking peers revering Tamplin, he gets many of his public speaking engagements either through a fellow public speaker’s recommendation or substituting for them. You know someone is a great keynote speaker when a fellow keynote speaker makes an endorsement.

Find The Best Keynote Speaker For Your Next Los Angeles Event

There are many amazing locations to host your next Los Angeles event. Everything from fancy hotels, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Ahmanson Theater, the Getty Villa or Getty Museum, the Broad Museum, LACMA, Skirball, or even the Central Library. Los Angeles has some of the most beautiful and diverse selections of locations to host your next event. Reach out to to book True Tamplin for your next Los Angeles event keynote.

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