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Former Actor, Athlete and #1 Bestseller

Hire Business Motivational Speakers LA: True Tamplin

Get a motivational speaker who destroys indifference and ignites passion. Tamplin is an actor, athlete, and #1 Bestselling Author on a mission.

One of the Few Professional Motivational Speakers Who Ignites Passion

Public speaking is one of those arts that have been around for thousands of years. It’s persuasion, inspiration, likeability, and ability to teach all in one craft. If you are looking for a business professional motivational speaker in Los Angeles, look no further. True Tamplin will have your audience laughing one minute, and undergoing heart-wrenching conviction the next. He has an immensely deep knowledge base and a wide set of compelling stories to choose from. To hire True at your next corporate event, contact his assistant at

Motivational Speaker for Hire at Your Next Event

If you need a motivational speaker for hire, you’ll want someone who is liked by the crowd, teaches new concepts, and inspires action. True Tamplin has often been called the “chief leader, teacher, and trainer” for his ability to balance all three so well. To hire a speaker that is going to teach everyone something new while keeping everyone on the edge of their seat and inspired to carry out what they’ve learned, reach out to True’s assistant at

A Corporate Business Motivational Speaker That Inspires and Trains

Speakers often neglect one of the corporation’s primary goals of motivating, teaching, and entertaining. Often people walk away saying “he was so funny,” or “she was so smart,” but very rarely does someone say that they had it all. True’s mission is to actually teach the content you’d like covered for your next corporate event without sacrificing motivation or entertainment. True has some heart-throbbing stories that are sure to leave every listener deeply moved, but will also focus on educating the viewers.

A Motivational Keynote Speaker With a Unique Perspective

Nearly all great keynote motivational speakers have some crazy feat they’ve accomplished (outside of speaking) or “mess to success” story. When True was 13-years old, his musician father was asked to take over for Steve Perry as the lead singer of Journey. It was a 5-year touring contract, and despite desperately needing the money, being on the road for 5 crucially developmental years was too big of a sacrifice. Because of Ken’s decision to turn it down, True went on to accomplish some incredible feats early in life, one of which was becoming a #1 Bestselling Author by the age of 22. True is still young and has a unique ability to bridge the gap between parents and their children – he is both experienced enough to speak into the lives of the workforce, yet young enough to still relate with the perspective of their children. For a talk that will extend beyond the workplace and affect people’s lives in the home, book True by reaching out to his assistant at

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