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Get a great public speaker who destroys indifference and ignites passion. Tamplin is an actor, athlete, and #1 Bestselling Author on a mission.

The Greatest Public Speakers Need a Compelling Story

It was in the heart of the ’07-’08 Recession when True’s family got the call. His father Ken was offered to replace Steve Perry as the new lead singer for Journey. True was 13 at the time living in Los Angeles and the touring contract would last for 5 years or more. Despite desperately needing the money, Ken turned the contract down and chose to be a parent. True went on to have some immense successes at an incredibly young age (one of which was writing a #1 Bestselling book by the age of 22), all because of Ken’s decision to be a parent instead of a Rockstar. True’s story is now his war cry for businesspersons to not sacrifice victory in the home at the altar of a career. To hire True Tamplin as a public speaker for your next Los Angeles event, contact his assistant as

Many Public Speakers for Hire in Los Angeles, But None Like True Tamplin

True has an unparalleled ability to motivate and entertain, without losing the focus of teaching the audience. True has immensely deep knowledge of business principles (specifically generating sales, building a personal brand, and entrepreneurship), technology (analytics, digital marketing, innovation, Bitcoin, etc.), and successful self-help habits and principles. He is a public speaker who has actually accomplished things himself, then went on to become a public speaker. To hire a public speaker for your next Los Angeles event that will entertain, motivate, and educate, hire keynote speaker True Tamplin.

Professional Public Speakers Need to Teach and Motivate

All too often, public speakers (whether professional or novice) tend to sacrifice one of the primary goals of public speaking. We’ve all said to ourselves “that guy was so funny,” or “wow, she was intelligent,” but rarely do we feel like the comedian taught us something or the intelligent person motivated us. Not the case with True Tamplin – he is revered for his ability to do each of those well and at the same time. His expertise will teach your group new concepts and his heart-wrenching stories will inspire action. Reach out to his assistant at to hire True for your next Los Angeles keynote public speaker.

A Popular and Effective Public Speaker Who Is Never Forgotten

A public speaker cannot play it safe. If they are going to win the audience, they need the ability to discuss controversial topics tactfully and in a likeable manner. Liberal organizations love hiring Conservative Christian True Tamplin for his unique perspective and ability to bridge the ever-growing gap between Democrats and Republicans. If the thought of True being a Conservative scares and deters you from hiring him as your next keynote speaker, his message may be the very one that you need to hear. “If we can argue things on the basis of merit, we’ll never grow. I’m committed to being able to explain the other side’s perspective better than they can before taking a stand.” – True Tamplin

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